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Windstream Internet


Internet has been playing a major role in changing lives of individual. We cannot imagine our lives without Internet. In this modern era, everything is just a tap away, be it banking or trading or streaming, all can happen because of internet.

Not just the internet, but what users demand is always a good internet. Whenever you say “a good and a reliable internet”, I hear Windstream Internet.

How is Windstream Internet?

Windstream appears as one of the biggest internet service providers in the US. Whether you are a social media addict or if you are a movie freak or even if you are a gamer, Windstream is there for you. If you are working from home, or if you want a quality internet, have Windstream. The provider has a remarkable journey of more than 17 years and has proved to be one of the best in the market, not just the best, but one of the fastest in the market.

Windstream Availability

Windstream is currently operating in more than 17 states like, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Kentucky, New York, Minnesota, New Mexico, Mississippi, Nebraska, Missouri.

If you live in these states or nearby, Windstream is ready to serve you.

So, if you have already planned to switch from your favorite internet service provider to Windstream, how about I show you the plans and packages being offered by the broadband.

Windstream Internet – Plans

Windstream offers various plans for the users so that they can think for the perfect plan according to the usage. Without wasting your time, let’s jump and have a look at what is being offered by the network.





Data Cap


Kinetic Internet – Basic
Offering up to 100mbps in DSL No data caps Starting with $39.99 per month only.


Kinetic Internet – Fiber
It offers up to 500mbps in full fiber Unlimited Data


Starts with as low as $39.99 only.

Kinetic Internet – Gig
User can get up to 1gbps  

Unlimited data

Starting with $69.99 per month.

Kinetic Internet – 2gig


It offers a download speed.


Unlimited Data.

Price varies accordingly.



Kinetic Internet – 8gig

Plan comes with mad 8gb per second of download speed.



Unlimited Data.


Check for availability.

(These are promotional price and may get changed)

What to do if your Windstream Internet is slow?

It doesn’t happen very often in Windstream where you feel that your internet speed is getting slow. Just in case if you feel like it’s happening, here is what you can do to restore your speed (if necessary).

Check your router

There is a high possibility of your router being outdated. There have been some cases where users were using old model routers and expecting to have 2gbps download speed which was quite impossible due to the outdated router technology. In that case, check your router model number and search if that router is compatible with the current package or not.

Placement of your device

Another major reason for a slow speed internet could be your direction of the router. If the router is not placed at where it should have been, then also your speed might get compromised.

Too many devices

You need to check that how many devices are being operated at a time, that can be a major reason too.

Change in Plan

Another possibility could be overuse of your Internet plan. For example, you are currently using 500mbps package and you have connected more than 4 devices, then there is a high chance of your internet speed getting compromised. Now what you can do is upgrade your plan, don’t worry because Windstream won’t charge you for any upgrade.

Check your Windstream Internet Speed

If everything is fine according to you, what you can best do is conduct a speed test. Many broadband networks give you access to speed test applications and in case if you are not having access, you can easily conduct it online and then you will get to know what speed you’re getting.

Windstream Customer Service

If any rare case happens with you, you can directly call the Windstream Customer Support as it literally has one of the best services in the town. The technical team is 24/7 ready to assist you so feel free to contact.


Agreeing the fact that slow speed can be very annoying but in Windstream, you don’t face such issues as it is one of the most reliable broadband networks in the US. Internet is one crucial part of our lives so for that we have to choose wisely. You need to make your move and choose accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions

Is Windstream reliable?

Yes, Windstream is one of the most reliable internet service providers with almost no connectivity issues.

How much speed I can get from Windstream in my area?

It depends. Speed of any package varies.

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